10-Team PPR Snake Draft

10-team PPR snake draft. Site graded out this team as a C- and will finish as a 2-12 squad.  I got a good laugh out of reading the projections. I believe this team has depth at Wide Receiver, Tight End, Quarterback, and Defense. The Running Backs are young and unproven.  Because Running Backs are the position with the most volatility, I tend to take the Hugh Hefner approach looking for newer younger models. Kerryon Johnson was passed over a few times until finally getting selected. I strongly considered him in a few rounds.  I spent most of the clock deciding between Derrick Henry and Royce Freeman, thankfully ended up getting both.  Aaron Jones and Jordan Wilkins are both upside picks at that stage of the draft. I believe Jones will lead the Packers in rushing this season despite missing the first couple weeks of the season.  Wilkins has looked decent in training camp and Marlon Mack is banged up.


I went up to get 2 of the Defenses I like based off league scoring. Defenses often can get pinball type scoring in this league setup.  If I didn’t get Travis Kelce, Trey Burton would have been the player I targeted at Tight End. Mike Gesicki or George Kittle were my backup Tight End targets.  Quarterback I wanted a combo of Carson Wentz or Andrew Luck with Jimmy Garoppolo or Patrick Mahomes.  I feel comfortable with Davante Adams, Stefon Diggs, Michael Crabtree, and Robert Woods as my top 4 Wide Receivers. Entering the draft I didn’t think this would be my group.  Agholor is sneaky value to me with Alshon Jeffery possibly missing the start of the season.  Agholor is dealing with a lower body injury, but could be ready for the start of the season.  DJ Moore is the one that got away.  I may end up kicking myself for taking the Saints defense instead of Moore.  I do research on Kickers because it’s a spot on my roster. The Vikings traded up to get Carlson in the 5th round during the draft so he was the Kicker I wanted.  Here’s my roster, feel free to leave comments.


  1. (7) Alvin Kamara (NO – RB)
  2. (14) Davante Adams (GB – WR)
  3. (27) Travis Kelce (KC – TE)
  4. (34) Stefon Diggs (Min – WR)
  5. (47) Derrick Henry (Ten – RB)
  6. (54) Royce Freeman (Den – RB)
  7. (67) Michael Crabtree (Bal – WR)
  8. (74) Carson Wentz (Phi – QB)
  9. (87) Robert Woods (LAR – WR)
  10. (94) Jimmy Garoppolo (SF – QB)
  11. (107) Nelson Agholor (Phi – WR)
  12. (114) Aaron Jones (GB – RB)
  13. (127) Houston (Hou – DEF)
  14. (134) New Orleans (NO – DEF)
  15. (147) Mike Gesicki (Mia – TE)
  16. (154) Jordan Wilkins (Ind – RB)
  17. (167) Daniel Carlson (Min – K)

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