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How Fantasy Owners Should Evaluate Jordan Cameron

Dolphins TE Jordan Cameron has been inconsistent and struggled with drops during the preseason. Cameron had a phenomenal 2013 campaign with 80 catches 917 yards and 7 TD with the Cleveland Browns. Some fantasy owners have been chasing those stats the last few years. The bottom fell out in 2014 with just 20 catches and 2 TD in 10 games. 2015 wasn’t much better with the Dolphins (35 catches 3TD). The sad part of Cameron’s 5- year career is the fact that if your take out 2013 stats the other 4 years resulted in 85 catches 1069 yards and 6TD.

Cameron is avoidable in 10-12 leagues for the most part. I drafted Cameron in a 12-team dynasty keeper league with 40 roster spots and also plan to pick him up in a 16-man league where unfortunately I had to auto draft. Drafting 3 kickers was surprising treat. The track record shows that Cameron has been a one-hit wonder at this stage of his career. A salary reduction to stay with the Dolphins also doesn’t bode well for Cameron’s prospects.

The reason I drafted Cameron was for the situation in Miami. Head Coach Adam Gase is known for involving the Tight End position in his offense. I don’t put too much stock with what Gase did with the Broncos. I’ve always viewed Peyton Manning as the head coach/offensive coordinator. What Gase did with the Bears holds more stock with me. Gase did a good job of reeling in Jay Cutler and getting him to play more controlled. Cutler utilized his Tight Ends quite a bit last season as Martellus Bennett and Zach Miller put up solid stats.

Ryan Tannehill saw his completion percentage drop a bit last season as he threw downfield more than in years past. Tannehill and Cameron never seemed to get on the same page last season. Jarvis Landry picked up the slack leading the team in receiving with 110 catches for 1,157 yards and 4 TD. DeVante Parker was impressive late last season with 26 catches for 494 yards and 3 TD. Parker is expected to take a step forward this season. There’s still room in the Dolphins passing attack for Cameron to put up some stats especially in the red zone.

The preseason hasn’t been a good sign results wise for Cameron so far. Owners should take find the balance of Cameron’s track record of production and the offense ran by Adam Gase in terms of if to draft Cameron. I view Cameron as a TE2 in deeper leagues. If Cameron proves to not pan out right away, he’s a cut piece for another player off waivers. I believe Cameron is worth a late round lottery ticket to find out if he can carve out a role in the offense. If not, no harm no foul.