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10-Team Auction Keeper Draft

This is a 10-Team weekly points league keeper auction draft. Power hitters and power pitchers are what you’re looking to acquire at each position.  The keeper costs froze from last year due to the shortened season.  Next year the costs will back up to $5 per season.  It’s an unprecedented time in this league with so many players kept. Here’s my roster and the 9 players I needed to draft. 

22 Frankie Montas Oak, SP $5 K

23 Michael Kopech ChW, SP $1 K

24 Jose Berrios Min, SP $11 K

25 Liam Hendriks ChW, RP $6 K

26 Gleyber Torres NYY, SS $11 K

27 Luis Robert ChW, CF $6 K

28 Ryan Pressly Hou, RP $1 K

29 Alec Bohm Phi, 3B $1 K

30 Walker Buehler LAD, SP $11 K

31 Nick Castellanos Cin, RF $6 K

32 Blake Snell SD, SP $11 K

33 Brady Singer KC, SP $1 K 

34 Sean Murphy Oak, C $1 K

35 Jo Adell LAA, RF $1 K

36 Cody Bellinger LAD, CF $26 K

37 Manny Machado SD, 3B $20 K

38 Pete Alonso NYM, 1B $6 K

144 Trevor Rosenthal Oak, RP $12

145 Brandon Lowe TB, 2B $20

148 Matt Olson Oak, 1B $22

179 Sonny Gray Cin, SP $14

180 Austin Meadows TB, LF $9

189 Didi Gregorius Phi, SS $15

198 Sandy Alcantara Mia, SP $5

206 Clint Frazier NYY, RF $1

214 Dylan Carlson StL, RF $5

With so many players kept I knew the costs would go up significantly. I left the draft with $11 remaining, maybe I can give that out as a Xmas gift. I should have been more aggressive in bidding on James Karinchak.  The Didi price isn’t one I’m thrilled about either.  Correa at $19 is a better value than Didi at $15. As is Tim Anderson at $17.  I had so many long term keepers that I didn’t draft sure fire players I would consider keeping at the costs for next year.  Frazier may be a $6 player next year and Carlson could be a $10 player.  Olson at $27 next year is going back.  

This team lost in the league championship game last season and has appeared in 3 consecutive finals.  While I believe this team is a contender, I may have to pay more attention to acquiring $1 keepers off waivers.  Cheap keepers that outperform the draft costs is one of the main ingredients to success.  

12-Team Auction Draft

This is a 12-team Auction Weekly Points league draft. The scoring setup favors power hitters and power pitchers. The lineup also has Corner Infield and Middle Infield spots. Keepers are 1.5 times the cost of last year and can be on your roster for up to 3 years then have to go back into the player pool. I strive to have $1 dollar keepers as they go to $2, then $3 at the end of the ownership.  $1 dollar keepers are so crucial to my success in this league. Here’s my full roster.

31 Sixto Sanchez Mia, SP $2 K

32 Liam Hendriks ChW, RP $3 K

33 Ryan Mountcastle Bal, LF $2 K

34 Nate Pearson Tor, SP $2 K 

35 Luis Robert ChW, CF $2 K

75 Nick Castellanos Cin, RF $16

89 Shohei Ohtani LAA, DH $8

90 Nolan Arenado StL, 3B $26

97 Willson Contreras ChC, C $8

108 Gleyber Torres NYY, SS $20

112 Eugenio Suarez Cin, 3B $18

123 Marcus Semien Tor, SS $14

132 Jose Altuve Hou, 2B $17 

142 Austin Meadows TB, LF $4

177 Jesus Luzardo Oak, SP $8

181 Sandy Alcantara Mia, SP $5

187 Eric Hosmer SD, 1B $2

198 Ke’Bryan Hayes Pit, 3B $7

199 Lance McCullers Jr. Hou, SP $5

205 Clint Frazier NYY, RF $1

216 Jordan Hicks StL, RP $12

217 Richard Rodriguez Pit, RP $5

220 Daniel Bard Col, RP $3

241 Emilio Pagan SD, RP $1

242 Brady Singer KC, SP $2

244 Aaron Civale Cle, SP $5

253 Justus Sheffield Sea, SP $1

264 Jo Adell LAA, RF $1

Because I kept cheap players I had the money to spend on almost anyone I wanted.  I tend to stick to my pricing and don’t go nuts if the bidding gets out of hand.  In an auction, I look at it as a numbers game.  You may have the elite big name players, but my combination of 2nd tier stars combined  with upside young players will beat your stars and scrubs approach more often than not.  Having players outperform the draft cost is the goal each auction.  Pitchers were obnoxiously priced in this draft so I passed and loaded up on hitters. The management of innings this year scares me so why spend big money on the unknown.  For example all 9 of my starting pitchers add up to $38 dollars. Gerrit Cole and Jacob de Grom each went for $37 dollars.  My guess is we will see phantom DL stints to keep the innings down for everyone. In a normal MLB season, Ohtani wouldn’t have as much value as many SP because his innings would be significantly lower than most others.  However in a season with innings limits Ohtani may have more value.  That explains my $8 dollar gamble.     

Luzardo is one of my favorite breakouts this year so I was willing to spend on him regardless of cost. I was very happy with the upside of my rotation.  There’s enough depth to be able to wait on Sanchez and Pearson to get up to speed.  The bullpen is cheap and underrated.  I was willing to gamble on Hicks since I held up on Jordan Romano.  My belief is Hicks will be the Cardinals closer at some point this season.  In the free agent bidding process Hicks would go for more than $12.  My bullpen at the end of the year is often different than at the start. 

The goal with the lineup was to try to maintain the power advantage at each position.  Once I found out Suarez was going to be the Reds Shortstop to start the season, he flew up my draft board.  Errors are not scored in this league so I could care less if he butchers balls. All I need is for Suarez to play 10 games at SS and I have another elite power hitter at a premium position.  The $14 on Semien was an overspend, but I needed a 2B/SS eligible player and Semien was the best of the rest.  Altuve at $17 is a good buy, I am anticipating the playoff Altuve vs the regular season version of 2020.  At age 31, Altuve has a lot of good baseball left.  Arenado for $26 dollars is stealing.  Jose Ramirez went for $35.  I find it hard to believe that Ramirez is worth $9 more than Arenado.  The move away from Colorado shouldn’t impact Arenado much.  Arenado is the best 3rd baseman to come along since Michael Jack Schmidt in my opinion.       

I held up on quite a few players as the draft costs got too rich for my blood.  In particular, I held up on Ian Happ $14 at pick 80 and Jeimer Candelario $6 pick 157.  If I kept bidding and won those players in theory it would have cost me $22. Holding up on Happ allowed me to throw money around more in the middle of the draft.  That’s often when I do my damage.  I was the last player to win a bid in this draft and the first to exit with a full roster.  Happ is a really good player, but is he worth $10 more than Austin Meadows $4? The Happ money turned into Ke’Bryan Hayes $7, Austin Meadows $4, Emilio Pagan $1, Justus Sheffield $1, and Jo Adell $1. Would you rather have Happ or those 5 players?  The Candelario money was spent instead on $2 Eric Hosmer, $3 Daniel Bard, and $2 Brady Singer. What package is better those 3 players or Candelario?       

As the Reigning Defending League Champion, I believe this team should contend for the crown again.  Keeper options are on the roster to build around or use as the ever so important trade chip at the deadline.  Most importantly, I was the first owner to pay my league dues.

Daily Categories League Draft

This is a 12-team snake draft for a daily categories league. The categories are the normal ones with Errors and OPS added for hitters, while Quality Starts, Holds and  SO/9 are added to the pitching side.  With the 8th pick I was able to construct this roster. 

1.(8)Mike Trout (LAA – OF)
2.(17)Manny Machado (SD – 3B,SS)
3.(32)Alex Bregman (Hou – 3B,SS)
4.(41)Whit Merrifield (KC – 2B,OF)
5.(56)José Abreu (CWS – 1B)
6.(65)Gleyber Torres (NYY – 2B,SS)
7.(80)Nick Castellanos (Cin – OF)
8.(89)Jose Altuve (Hou – 2B)
9.(104)Ian Anderson (Atl – SP)
10.(113)Chris Paddack (SD – SP)
11.(128)Sonny Gray (Cin – SP)
12.(137)Yasmani Grandal (CWS – C,1B)
13.(152)Jordan Romano (Tor – RP)
14.(161)Alex Verdugo (Bos – OF)
15.(176)Richard Rodríguez (Pit – RP)
16.(185)Dallas Keuchel (CWS – SP)
17.(200)Jordan Hicks (StL – RP)
18.(209)Germán Márquez (Col – SP)
19.(224)Justus Sheffield (Sea – SP)
20.(233)Ryan Mountcastle (Bal – 1B,OF)
21.(248)Nate Pearson (Tor – SP)

The priorities in this league were to take stable well-rounded hitters and grab value/upside on the pitching side. Offensively my roster has depth that should score runs, hit homers, drive in runs and have a high OPS. I should have the power advantage at most positions each week.  Strikeouts and lack of steals could be my downfall.  Merrifield is my main stolen base threat.  I’m banking on around 10 steals each from Bregman, Altuve, Machado, and Verdugo.  That could be wishful thinking.  Altuve in the 8th round is a steal if he stays healthy.  I’m banking on 2020 playoff Altuve instead of the .219 regular season numbers.  At soon to be 31, I don’t see Altuve falling off that far from his previous great seasons.  Alex Verdugo is my pick for the biggest breakout of hitters this season. Verdugo was solid in 2020, but will be an All Star in 2021.      

Pitching is more volatile than hitting so I tend to load up on hitters and weave my way through pitchers.  I can afford to have a high draft choice blow out an elbow and miss the season. I was the last person to take my first pitcher and did so in the 9th round.  Anderson, Paddock, and Keuchel all pitch on playoff contending clubs. Anderson and Paddock are emerging pitchers that won’t get drafted this late next season. Gray will miss the first few weeks of the season which I believe made his draft stock fall. Marquez has 3 consecutive seasons WHIP’s under 1.3. (1.20, 1.20, 1.26)  At age 26 and multiple years under contract Marquez could be a valuable track chip for the rebuilding Rockies.  The career home ERA of 5.10 and road ERA of 3.51 would tell you to stream Marquez carefully.  Entering his 6th big league season, I’m willing to gamble an 18th round pick that he figures it out.  The Yankees will regret giving away Sheffield.  I don’t anticipate a high win total pitching for the Mariners, however I believe he will give the team  Quality Starts and help with ratios.  Pearson is a lottery ticket with a high SO/9.  Because my starters didn’t have as high of a SO/9 as the frontline starters, I tried to bridge that gap with high velocity relief pitchers.  Romano, Rodriguez, and Hicks should help to win that category.  I love Romano as a breakout pitcher for this season.  Hicks may not close right away, but I believe he will soon enough. If not,Hicks should help in the Holds category.  

The best part of drafting pitchers late is there’s no emotional attachment, so cutting bait is easy.  There’s a good chance most of this pitching staff will not be on my roster by the end of the season.  I funnel through pitchers every season and have had success doing so.