Ed Davis Becomes A Must-Own Player

Fantasy basketball owners should rush out to pick up Raptors PF/C Ed Davis before it’s too late. Davis is a young player that’s gone thru the growing pains in 3,136 career minutes entering this season. The Andrea Bargnani elbow injury should open up minutes for this 3rd year player. There’s a real chance Davis could force the issue for more minutes permanently with a good showing. This former Tar Heel could make those rumored Bargnani trades a reality. The overall numbers right now don’t stand out for fantasy owners to take the plunge.
The stats Davis is accruing right now in 17.2 minutes per game of 7.0 PPG and 5.8 RPG don’t jump out to fantasy owners as a must own player.   I value the 36 minutes per game analysis in trying to access if a bench player is worth picking up. It gives me a ballpark of what a player could possibly do with more playing time.  The field goal attempts average of 4.8 so far this season is low, but per 36 minutes the number is 10.0 FGA. Davis per 36 minutes would average 14.7 PPG, 12.2 RPG, 1.4 BPG, and 1.3 SPG. The 57% FG% will help owners in category or rotisserie leagues.
The jury is out on Amir Johnson at this point of his career. Johnson is a backup big that will provide a solid FG%. Jonas Valanciunas should also see an uptick in minutes while Bargnani is out. This Lithuanian big man is a future building block for the Raptors, but is already owned in most fantasy leagues.  As the Raptors sit in the basement of the Atlantic Division, Dwane Casey’s job should be to find out which players can contribute to rebuilding the Raptors. Trying to win games to save a job isn’t going to help turn the franchise around. Hopefully the front office shares the same sentiments.

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