Fantasy Basketball Auction Draft

This is a 10-team weekly points league auction draft. The top 2 players were keepers.  Scoring heavily favors points along with bonuses for double-doubles and triple-doubles. I tend to draft young players that will play most back-to-back sets. I also look for high usage players on bad teams. Youth and depth are priorities at the back end of my roster. With it being a weekly league being able to maximize games played is key. In this draft I had $12 dollars remaining.    

19Luka Doncic Dal, PG$9
20Jamal Murray Den, PG$9
24Donovan Mitchell Utah, SG$22
43Domantas Sabonis Ind, PF$22
47LaMelo Ball Cha, PG$6
68John Collins Atl, PF$20
69Christian Wood Hou, C$16
88Tyrese Haliburton Sac, PG$3
89Andrew Wiggins GS, SF$16
99Darius Bazley OKC, SF$1
105Jerami Grant Det, SF$3
118Marvin Bagley III Sac, PF$1
125Wendell Carter Jr. Chi, C$7
126Dillon Brooks Mem, SG$2
131Darius Garland Cle, PG$1

The $12 dollars left really pisses me off. I saved money for the middle to end of the draft so I could fill out my roster with depth.  The biggest regret is not continuing to spend and letting Khris Middleton go for $16.  Andrew Wiggins at that cost is awful. I do believe Wiggins will improve year 2 in Golden State, but he’s not worth the price of Middleton.  I had too much money to spend and the supply of proven SF was low.  The one player I wanted that went for too much was Jayson Tatum at $40.  Sabonis, Collins, Wood, and Wiggins were significantly more expensive than the site auction price. Sabonis, Collins, and Wood are perfect for this league setup. All 3 have PF/C eligibility and should accrue plenty of double-doubles.  Because I had Doncic and Murray so cheap, I was willing to spend more targeted players.  Donovan Mitchell at $22 is a better value than a $33 dollar priced Devin Booker.  I was saving money at the end, but held up on James Wiseman $10 and Lauri Markkanen $14.  Marvin Bagley III was a target I wanted to have money for at the end. I would have been willing to go into double digits to draft him this year.  Many in the draft were stunned I was able to sneak Bagley III thru for $1.  LaMelo Ball may not start right away, but I find it hard to believe he will ride the pine all year in Charlotte.  Bazley, Grant, Brooks, and Garland are high usage players on bad teams.  I love Bazley this season as a young player on a bad team that should play a lot. Grant was paid heavily in free agency by the Pistons. He should see a lot of shots on a bad team.  Haliburton is more of a keeper prospect/trade chip at the deadline.  Carter Jr. is a project that I really liked coming out of college. Carter Jr. is a post hype sleeper that I can wait on this season.  The other thing I did was not have multiple guys from the same team.  Bagley III and Haliburton are the only teammates.  Spreading out across different teams helps to cut down on roster crunches on short-weeks. I believe this team will be competitive and has depth.  Not my best effort leaving $12 on the table. 

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