Fantasy Football Prep Strategery

Everyone studies for fantasy football drafts differently.   Some owners do research online, while some guys will just pick up a magazine at the grocery store right before the draft. I’ve made a good amount of money of those types of owners.  Mock drafts can be great tools for people to help project where players maygo. I personally don’t use them because it makes me spend more time thinking about where I can get a player instead of formulating why I like a player or team.  I focus all of my efforts figuring whether or not I like a player/team.   

All my efforts are spent figuring out the situation’s so I can definitively have an opinion on each team or player.  Let’s use Tevin Coleman as an example, I believe he will be the running back to own in San Francisco. Coleman was signed to a 2-year deal and previously played for Kyle Shanahan in Atlanta.  Matt Breida is always hurt and Jerick McKinnon could be a cap casualty coming off an ACL tear. Coleman can also catch passes out of the backfield. He will lose touches to Breida, but still be a flex or solid RB 2 in PPR formats.  With the Niners playing at a faster pace, Coleman should provide a good middle round value for fantasy owners in 2019.    

Rankings will give me a rough idea of what range of the draft to select a player.  Ultimately rankings are just rankings and I don’t use them as gospel. The plan is always to go up for players that I think will break out.  I’ve watched owners become slaves to the rankings and have it sabotage their draft. If you’ve done enough research in believing a player will break out there’s no reason you shouldn’t go up for them.     

Moving onto another time wasting practice, I never spend time figuring out who’s going to be there with the draft slot I draw.  Counterproductive because it doesn’t help me formulate opinions on why I like players. Also I have to then spend time getting into the thought process of X number of people.  Totally pointless in my opinion. How does trying to figure out what someone else will do help me to figure out what I will do? Those options may not be there when I pick, also there’s typically a curveball thrown in the mix.   

Other owners know my draft strategy very well.  I approach drafts with the you know what’s coming try and stop it mentality.  Auctions are much different than snake drafts, for this piece I’ll just focus on the snake format.  Auction strategery will be later post. I tend to draft the best player available in my first few rounds.   I wait on quarterbacks because the depth at that position is the greatest. I’m usually the last person to draft a quarterback but the first to have two.  For years my QB’s were a duo of Tony Romo, Matt Stafford, or Eli Manning. Waiting on quarterbacks allows me to gain an advantage at Tight End, Wide Receiver and Running Back.  The difference between the top Tight End and the Middle Tier Tight Ends is massive. The difference between the top scoring Quarterback and the middle-of-the-pack Quarterback isn’t nearly as massive as Tight End.  Position scarcity is most apparent at the Tight End position.   

In the middle rounds, I’m looking for value and or upside to fill out my lineup.  There are players that have fallen thru the cracks and provide value. Last year I drafted Deshaun Watson and grabbed Pat Maholmes because he was still sitting there. That worked out well.  The final third of my draft is all upside picks regardless of position. I’m looking for as many lottery tickets as possible. The reality is if the lottery ticket doesn’t pan out those are the guys that I’m willing to cut early in the season to find the next one.  

Drafts can be lost by blowing your first 5 picks but I believe that leagues are typically won by nailing your middle and end picks.   I mentioned the Maholmes pick from another league earlier, but my favorite was my 26th gem, Colts WLB Darius Leonard. Bears MLB Roquan Smith was selected in the 8th.  I was proud of that one, knew Leonard was going to be on my roster once Antonio Morrison was traded to Green Bay. Fantasy football is much different today than it was years ago everyone really has access to all the information right at their fingertips.  I try not to believe I’m the smartest guy in the room, leads to arrogance and missed picks. Each person in the league has done as much homework if not more than me. That has kept me sharp in staying in flow with the draft and not missing out on players I wanted.

This is the strategery I’ve learned works the best for the way I play fantasy football.  May not work for everyone, but maybe it will help you win this season.        

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