Popular DFS Stack in LA

I have regularly drafted Matthew Stafford as my backup QB because he typically throws for a ton of yards in garbage time.  The lack of an overall supporting cast in Detroit is well documented.  Calvin Johnson was an unbelievable talent that helped Stafford put up huge numbers.  He had 8 seasons over 4,000 yards including a 5,038 back in 2011. The career high for passing TD in a season is 41 also back in 2011.  Calvin Johnson had 1,964 receiving yards that season.  The lack of a defense, running game, adn coaching often held the Lions back from being a competitive team.  Reggie Bush with 1,006 yards in 2013 is the only 1,000 rusher Stafford played with in his time with the Lions.  Stafford in Detroit owns a career record of 74-90-1.  To steal a line from Emmitt Smith, Stafford was a diamond in the poo-poo in Detroit.

Moving to Los Angeles is a dream scenario for Stafford and the Rams.  Being the quarterback in Super Genius Sean McVay’s offense makes Stafford my number 1 QB target this year in drafts.  We have heard so much in recent years about McVay having to use a lot of pre-snap motion to help hide Goff’s deficiencies.  Goff was slow reading defenses, struggled with pressure, and didn’t drive the ball down the field.  All of those areas are strengths for Stafford.  I view the McVay-Stafford as a match made in heaven comparable to a lesser extent of Sean Payton-Drew Brees.  

The supporting cast of Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Cam Akers, and Tyler Higbee will help Stafford put up huge fantasy numbers this season.  I believe Stafford’s arrival elevates all these players up the preseason rankings.  The LA defense is set up to play with a lead and rush the passer. With Stafford at the helm the Rams should be playing ahead more in 2021.    

In leagues where points are awarded for completions, Stafford’s value is sky high. For example in that format I would take Stafford over Tom Brady, Jalen Hurts, Ryan Tannehill, and Joe Burrow.

My projection for Stafford if he plays a full season would be around 4,500 yards and over 32 Touchdowns. I’m a huge proponent of stacking QB’s and WR1’s.  Cooper Kupp’s value also goes up significantly in 2021.  In 2019 Kupp had 94 catches and followed that up with 92 in 2020.  The Touchdowns dropped significantly from 10 down to 3. With 92 catches you should find the end zone more than 3 times.  Kupp will have 3 TD within the first month of the season.  A market correction is due for Kupp in 2021.  My projection is 100 plus catches and 10 plus TD for Kupp. 

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