Swiping Left On These Players

I study fantasy football year-round and have developed strategies as to why I will go after or pass on players in upcoming drafts.  I use coaching changes, personnel changes, age, injury history, and camp holdouts as determining factors. I have a strict age bracket in which I’ll draft players.  I’ll pass on RB 27 or older, Wide Receivers 32 or older, and avoid QB’s over 35. Players out of those age brackets can still possibly produce, I just take the Hugh Hefner approach of looking for younger. Tread on the tires is a huge factor for me. Not showing up for camp is big left swipe as well. Camp is important especially for younger players. Veterans can miss reps in camp, but still be around the team.  Staying out of camp and away from the team is a hard pass. Without further ado, here’s the list of players I will be swiping left on this season.  

Patriots QB Tom Brady

For the draft cost, I don’t see Tom being that Terrific.  I believe the Patriots will run the ball more and Brady’s passing numbers will go down.

Saints QB Drew Brees

Faded a bit down the stretch when I needed him the most at playoff time. It’s hard to crank it up for 16 games at any age let alone an advanced one. 

Lions QB Matthew Stafford

Matt Patricia is using a more run-based offense in the motor city. May help to keep Stafford upright and protect his defense. Does nothing for fantasy owners. 

Bills QB Josh Allen 

I play in leagues with points-per-completion.  Drafting Allen would set me up to being a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.  Completed just 52.8% of his passes.  

Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette

Way too many missed games for Fournette in 2 NFL seasons.  Not sure how a player with his running style can avoid lower body injuries. Healthier options will be available at his draft cost.  

Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott 

Missing camp and return date is unknown.  I don’t like unknown with a top 5 pick.

Chargers RB Melvin Gordon

Missing camp and return date is unknown. I don’t like unknown with a top 10 pick.  Missed 4 games last season.

Dolphins RB Kenyan Drake

Role with team isn’t clear in a walk year.  Cost may be a bit too high for my liking. Too many donut games last season and lost carries to Frank Gore.   

49ers RB Jerick McKinnon 

Sad that he got hurt before being able to showcase his talents in a featured role. I don’t see McKinnon passing Tevin Coleman or Matt Brieda even if he is healthy. 

Raiders WR Antonio Brown

Missed a lot of camp.  Jimmy Buffett has a song called “Fruitcakes” sums up Brown’s behavior this offseason.  I’m fearful he gets deactivated like TO or Keyshawn for being too toxic.

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Legend is 35 this season.  In a new offense with more weapons, I’m fearful Fitzgerald plays a complimentary role to Christian Kirk in 2019.  Back to back seasons of 10.6 YPC is a combination of QB play and Fitzgerald slowing a bit. More upside options will be there when Fitzgerald is picked.  

Texans WR Will Fuller

Played in just 17 of las 32 games.  Has scored TD potential and injury potential as well. Awesome deep threat, but I’ll let him blow up and blow out on someone else’s roster. 

Ravens WR’s in seasonal leagues

I find it hard to believe they will pass the ball enough to make a WR fantasy relevant.   

Bengals WR AJ Green

Return date to be determined as original diagnosis was 6-8 weeks. The cost of Green and when he’ll return can be someone else’s problem. Could use that roster spot on a player that could help me win games early in the season.

Patriots WR Josh Gordon

I’ve given up on figuring out if and when Gordon will play again. Why his reinstatement is always so vague is beyond my comprehension.  

Any Redskins WR’s 

Paul Richardson, Josh Doctson, Trey Quinn are all off limits for me. I don’t see how the Redskins are going to score points this season. 

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