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Does Lawson Rebound in Sacramento?

Point Guard Ty Lawson looks to get his career back on track in Sacramento.  Lawson flamed out in Houston and Indiana last season with an offensive win share of 0.2 and a defensive win share of 0.7 for a total win share of 0.9. While two seasons ago his offensive win share was 6.0.  Playing in Houston along with James Harden was a complete disaster.  Lawson as a backup point guard was a misfit as his numbers dropped across the board.  Lawson is the type of player that needs to have the ball in his hands to be successful. Lawson’s outside shot isn’t good enough to be successful playing off the ball.  Lawson’s game is transition and setting up his teammates off dribble penetration.

This season Lawson will turn 29-years-old and still should be in the physical prime of his career.  Lawson’s personal issues are well documented, but his conditioning looked to be a problem last season as well.  The opportunity is there in Sacramento for Lawson to turn his career around.  Darren Collison will miss the first few games of the season due to a suspension and there’s a decent chance that Lawson could take away the starting point guard job.  Sacramento has weapons to complement Lawson’s drive and dish skills in DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, Matt Barnes, and Aaron Afflalo.

I hold a bit more stock in his Denver seasons than I do last season in evaluating Lawson as a fantasy player.  Kings head coach Dave Joerger may be better suited to you utilize Lawson’s talents than his last two stops.  Collison and Lawson have been in the league the same amount of time and for their careers Lawson has been the more productive player.  It would not surprise me in the least if Lawson was able to take the starting point guard job away from Collison this season in Sacramento.

Fantasy owners looking for a late round lottery ticket should consider Lawson.  Training camp reports, while often of the glass half full approach, may be able to provide insight into Lawson’s role with the Kings.  Fantasy owners that are targeting Lawson are not looking for percentages they’re looking for assists and points.  The Kings were a good career rehab spot for Rajon Rondo and could also be one for Ty Lawson.


Fantasy Owners Rejoice Trade Of Thomas Robinson

Opportunity has knocked for Thomas Robinson with a trade from the dysfunctional Kings to the playoff contending Rockets. Robinson goes from averaging 15.9 MPG with the Kings to a possible 25-30 MPG gig with the Rockets.  There’s not much competition for PT in Houston at this point.  Patrick Patterson was averaging 25.9 MPG and Marcus Morris saw 21.4 MPG this season in Houston.  They are now in Sacramento and Phoenix. Royce White is out of shape in the D-League while Chandler Parsons, Francisco Garcia and Carlos Delfino could take away minutes if the Rockets decide to go with smaller lineups.

Robinson was averaging 4.8 PPG and 4.7 RPG so far this season. His per 36 minutes rates are 11.0 PPG with 10.6 RPG.  The number 5 overall pick of the 2012 draft inexplicably couldn’t find a role in the Kings rotation.  I thought Robinson would make a significant impact right away due to his NBA type body, skill set, and high level of college competition.  The more experienced Jason Thompson takes up most of the minutes at power forward in Sacramento.  However, Thompson can be inconsistent and I believe doesn’t have as high of a ceiling as Robinson. What the Kings are trying to do at this point is anyone’s guess. I was confused why Robinson couldn’t play more in Sacramento, but the move to ship him out after half a season is a head scratcher.  Saving a bit of money shouldn’t supersede putting out a competitive team.

The Kansas product lacks a consistent mid-range jumper and polished post moves.  Playing with James Harden should help to elevate his offensive game around the basket.  His ability to defend bigs in the pick and roll will certainly help Kevin McHale’s squad.  Rockets GM Daryl Morey has added another solid move to his resume.  Fantasy owners looking to add a solid move to their resume should race to waivers and pick up Robinson.