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What’s Next For Skiles?

With Scott Skiles resignation from the Orlando Magic, that makes 4 NBA jobs in which Skiles has flamed out.  Skiles was fired into his 3rd season in Phoenix and fired into his 5th season in Chicago.  Milwaukee was an alleged mutual parting in year 5. The relationship between Skiles and the front office was a problem in each case.  Personality conflicts between front offices and coaches are often a reason for termination in every major professional sport.  With 4 NBA head coaching jobs under his belt, Skiles is what he is at this point.

In 14 NBA seasons as a head coach Scott Skiles owns a career 478-480 record. Skiles has coached 11 full seasons with 6 playoff appearances. The farthest a Skiles team has gone in the playoffs is the Conference Semifinals.  Skiles X’s and O’s is a great coach.  His teams also play tough defense.  The problems with Skiles’ teams were the lack of scoring and his personality seems to wear on players.  The parting with Orlando includes a 2 year no-compete clause.  I would be very surprised if Skiles was offered another NBA head coaching job.

I believe Skiles should go to college for his next coaching position. There are a few former NBA head coaches applying their trade back in college. Skiles style of play and personality are better suited for that arena at this point of his career. A major D1 program could be scared off by Skiles personality and the turnover of his NBA tenure.   A mid-major D1 school with an administration that will let him run the show would be his best fit.  Larry Brown at SMU is the first one that comes to mind.  Brown always seemed to be looking for his next job while working his current post. Brown had a lot of disagreements with front offices much like Skiles.

Avery Johnson led the Mavericks to the NBA Finals along with 3 other playoff appearances.  Johnson was fired from the Mavericks and flamed out in New Jersey.  Johnson took stints at ESPN after getting fired from both NBA jobs.  Johnson wasn’t a toxic personality in his NBA jobs and is now applying his trade at Alabama.

Eric Musselman flamed out in Golden State and Sacramento in the NBA.  NBA personalities seemed to be too difficult for Musselman to manage.  Musselman then moved around the NBA D-League and worked as an assistant in college at Arizona State and LSU before landing the head job at Nevada.

Skiles will have some time to figure out his next move.  Maybe after 4 NBA jobs, Skiles has had enough of coaching.  Once you’re a coach, you’re always a coach. If that itch ever comes back, Skiles should head back to college.